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Aerial Survey

We provide a comprehensive range of survey and mapping services from the air using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones. We serve heritage, archaeology, construction, structural engineering, aggregate (quarrying) and the agricultural industries to name a few.

We are able to provide landscape surveys, topographical surveys, building surveys, monument surveys, condition surveys and many more. We are able to survey any size area, monument or building efficiently and produce centimetre accurate results. Our outputs include detailed 2D and 3D drawings and models in a variety of interactive and measurable formats.

All of our pilots are experienced surveyors, fully flight trained and hold a Civil Aviation Authority permission to undertake such work (PfCO). We are able to provide cost effective survey solutions to a broad spectrum of clients and industries.

We work in association with Black Mountains Archaeology Ltd - leading archaeological contractors and survey (terrestrial and aerial) specialists under the trading name CAD Cymru/UAV Wales, which enables us to expand on the range, scope and type of projects we are able to deliver by working collaboratively.

Please get in touch with your requirements!

Archaeology and Landscape in 3D

Below are a couple of examples of our work, undertaken with a mix of drone and terrestrial photography to capture the monuments in their full. Unfortunately the hosting websites does not allow full resolution colour textures to be added, but we think they still look great and hope others can enjoy them too.

Pentre Ifan Dolmen, Pembrokeshire

Pentre Ifan Neolithic Monument, 3,500 BCE. Believed to have originally formed the core structure of a Neolithic burial chamber, with the earth mound severely eroded and destroyed by ploughing. Another theory suggests that the stones were a monument in themselves. 

Careg y Bwci, Ceredigion

Careg y Bwci (CD156). Remains of a circular earthwork dating to the Bronze Age, circa 2300-800 BCE. Standing at a high point in the county, its location is thought to have beem reused as a signaling station by the Romans on Sarn Helen, the road immediately to the east of the monument.

Plas Pennant, Powys

A video and photographic set were taken for the owners, who run two holiday lets from Plas Pennant and wanted to be able to show Plas Pennant in its beautiful surroundings.

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