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Archaeological & Heritage Services

A range of services are on offer to meet a variety of archaeological and heritage needs, including buildings investigation, digital metric survey, planning advice and historic building works. With experience working as a Historic Buildings Investigator for the RCAHMWales and previously having worked in the restoration of historic buildings, we are able to offer archaeological investigation combined with an in-depth knowledge to help date and understand a wide range of buildings and sites across Wales and England.


Archaeological services can be a part of a number of different projects, from buildings surveys to add to a report or project, to watching briefs to monitor for archaeological deposits during the development or alteration of a site, and everything in between. 

Identifying the appropriate archaeological input can be the one of the first step when planning the development or alteration of a site. This may be a Historic Buildings Record prior to the restoration or conversion of a building of historic interest or perhaps a Watching Brief during the development of the dream house you've always wanted to build. Archaeological works usually take place as a part of an archaeological planning condition, but can often be undertaken to support an application, simply for research or to help aid an architects plans or restoration options. 

Historic building advice can be provided through the pre-planning and works phases of any project to best assess the acceptance of plans, suitability of materials and effect any work will have to the historic fabric and significance of the building or site.

Difference sites require a different archaeological approach, so please feel free to get in contact and discuss your site and project.

Building Reports & Recording

Reports are offered at four different levels in line with the English Heritage Recording Levels (see: Understanding Historic Buildings, 2006), and can range from the level 1 basic visual record to the level 4 comprehensive analytical record.


Reports can be tailored to the needs of individual projects and can include additional details, illustrations and drawings. Please ask for details.


Example (opens as a pdf)

Digital Survey & Laser Scanning

Whether a survey is required to create a record, help inform a programme of works or to accompany a report, a digital metric survey can provide an accurate account of any building or landscape. All plans produced are undertaken using either a Laser Scanner or a Total Station and can be output in a number of different formats. With accurate plans and data, surveys can be used by engineers and architects to inform calculations or design.


Watching briefs are the most common form of work seen in archaeology, becoming increasingly common over the past two decades. This development-led area of archaeology often accompanies the construction of houses, roads and even erection of wind turbines, and provides a cost effective way for the monitoring for potential archaeological deposits.

Historic Environment Assessment

Historic Environment Assessments are becoming increasingly common with the erection or wind turbines or solar farms to provide energy to farms and businesses in rural areas. These quick assessments seek to understand the impact the turbine, solar panels or proposed development will have on the heritage within the surrounding areas, buy looking at both the physical impact on known heritage assets, whilst seeking to understand the risk to potential undiscovered archaeology. 

Example (opens as a pdf)

Planning & Heritage

We offer planning and heritage advice to support you through the pre-planning and planning phases of a project. Planning support can assess the suitability of proposed alterations to a historic building, how changes might affect the significance of the property and how work can be carried out to minimise impact. 


With many historic sites under threat of collapse or falling into disrepair through disuse, it is becoming increasingly common to undertake pre-emptive work to ensure a site remains safe and help mitigate any risks posed. As well as on site practical advice, we also offer illustrated recommendations, through annotative survey drawings or photography, which can also serve to document any remedial works undertaken.


Example 1 (opens as pdf) 


Example 2 (opens as pdf)


We also offer Heritage Building Services, please see below.

DBA's & Archive

Desk Based Assessments and Archival Research can provide the historical documentary context for a report, provide an understanding of the surrounding archaeology to a site or as a stand alone history. This research can provide a social, economic and cultural perspective for a building or site and can often support interpretation and identify any archaeology or features of significance. Undertaking this research involves the use of local, county and national archives, including those on offer at the National Library, which have a myriad of sources on offer to help build a picture of a buildings history, ownership and use. 

Oerddwr-isaf, Beddgelert

C17th farmhouse with earlier cruck of 1494-5. NPRN: 16620 RCAHMW. Crown Copyright 2014.